Alternative Business Accelerator

Virtual and Lean

LAB for CREATIVE THINKING is an alternative business accelerator for startups, virtual and lean. We currently focus on Italian startups. We help to start up new companies with practical and effective solutions. Our LAB offers an advisory service for startups, mentorship, and a tailored business development acceleration programme. Creative Thinking Ventures, our investment arm, may help, by providing initial capital such as pre-seed funding, for the setting up of the startup.

We stay as virtual as possible: you get the mentoring and services you need without unnecessary costs, in a lean way. We build with you on your original ideas in business, and we search for the creativity and originality in the approach to market.

To accelerate we suggest that startups should have access to experienced managers as early as possible to gain time and avoid mistakes, and to make use of their network.

We also believe that total dedication to the satisfaction of your customer’s needs is at the base of every business success. Which must be measured with the right metrics, by the rule “what gets measured gets done”.

and that...

nothing happens until someone sells something.