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Come and meet us at the #SIOS17 event!

December 18, 2017, Palazzo del Ghiaccio, Milano.

This is the biggest Italian startup event in 2017 and we will be there to meet with startups, investors, incubators and stakeholders.

Open Summit: to identify the best startups of the year and present them on stage at the Palazzo del Ghiaccio. We will be many at the Summit. Investors, entrepreneurs, companies but above all startups. In these months when StartupItalia! toured Italy to develop and build, together, the new Open Summit, the message was clear: the startups must be the centerpiece of the event.

Among the 100 selected startups (Sharewood.io is amongst these), the Editorial Board and Jury will identify the top 10 that will have the opportunity to get live! on stage at the Palazzo del Ghiaccio and will be judged by the jurors (including our mentor Marnix Groet). They’ll then decide the startup team that wins the prize of “the best Italian startup of the year” 2017.

The LAB Creative Thinking team will be there, Claudia and Marnix at your disposal. Please, book your space on our website, just to make sure we fit you in our schedule.

[email protected]¬†or on the contact form on our website.

More info about Marnix Groet, here in Italian.

Please visit our website for more information: LAB Creative Thinking.


LAB Creative Thinking

WHO WE ARE LAB Creative Thinking is a specialist accelerator for startups; we operate in the specific areas of sharing economy, retail online and offline and services / tools for e-commerce. We offer high value, heavily customized services, working closely with teams of entrepreneurs for accelerated growth. We do follow a select number of startups, in order to personalize the services to the maximum. Lab Creative Thinking is the operational arm of Creative Thinking Ventures, to whom we offer a quality mentorship program and acceleration of pre-seed startups to investment grade, with viable metrics. The LAB is open to other investors, wishing to invest in pre-selected and carefully mentored startups, and, we encourage co-investments with other funds. Mission - We assist teams of startuppers in the very early stages, when most help is needed; we specialize in a bespoke service of mentoring of startups in the pre-seed stage, and advisory for growth, from the pre-seed to the seed stage. LAB Creative Thinking was co-founded by Marnix Groet and a team of managers.

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