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WORLDZ Pitch at 1776 Challenge Cup – Joshua Priore

The Milan edition of the 2017 Challenge Cup at the TAG, Talent Garden via Merano. With 20 startups.  Pitching for 2 minutes each + 1 minute for the jury’s questions. Last but not least to come upstage, Joshua Priore (see picture at top) with a “smashing”, high quality and professional pitch. Challenge Cup is a…

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Worldz at Netcomm

This week Worldz has been present at the NetComm Forum to promote the new plugin for ecommerce, to meet ecommerce decision makers and to forge alliances with key players in the internet industry. This was the twelfth edition of the Netcomm Forum, the most significant event for e-commerce and digital transformation in Italy, with an…

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StartupItalia! about Worldz in SmartMoney

A new article about Worldz, published by the leading online agency, StartupItalia! in the FinTech section, SmartMoney. Could you monetize your popularity on Facebook? Yes, and that is on average between 5 and 10 Euros. This is established by Worldz, the startup founded by Joshua Priore, who created an algorithm which is able to understand…

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Worldz in the press, “Eco di Bergamo” #casidisuccesso

Interesting article describing the activity of Worldz measures your social activity, popularity and credibility within your network. With the algorythm it transforms this in a value, the Worldz Wallet. You can then get a discount, based on this value, and thus monetizing this on the ecommerces which partner with Worldz. You just need to…

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Worldz in the press in “il Resto del Carlino”

Joshua Priore CEO of interviewed by Luca Balzarotti in Milan on behalf of “Il Resto del Carlino” a leading Italian newspaper. Worldz is a disruptive tool for ecommerce, that monetizes the social popularity of each of us. A true innovation on the web. It uses the theory of WOMM (word of mouth marketing) to…

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