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Ripulire il mare

Sharewood e LifeGate

Insieme per salvare il mare dalla plastica. Viaggia e salva il mare! Ripulisci il mare da 150 bottiglie di plastica con i viaggi di Sharewood e l’adesione al progetto LifeGate PlasticLess®. Sharewood e LifeGate: insieme per salvare il mare dalla plastica Sharewood aderisce al progetto LifeGate Plasticless® per contribuire in maniera concreta al recupero di…

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#CPIT2 Campus Party Milano con Sharewood

Sharewood Sports Outdoor – Turismo Esperienziale Speaker Piercarlo Mansueto Sharewood è la startup italiana che cambia il volto dello sport da tour operator. Durante lo speech il CEO, Piercarlo Mansueto, ha illustrato l’evoluzione e la crescita della startup. Fino a diventare un adventure tour operator (turismo esperienziale). Con l’espansione Internazionale di Sharewood e come ha…

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#SIOS17 Sharewood published in “Il Giorno”

SHAREWOOD DOES IT AGAIN Published in the Italian Newspaper “Il Giorno” on Thursday 21 December 2017 Special Award Turismo e Cultura #turismoecultura At the Open Summit 2017 organized by StartupItalia! the startup Sharewood has been awarded a special prize and award by the jury for its achievements in the Tourism Industry, as a startup. The…

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Millennial2020Summit Sharewood ConsumerTech Awards

StartupItalia! publishes an article about Sharewood winning the Travelling & Hospitality Award at the Accenture ConsumerTech Awards at #M2020, the Millennial 20/20 Summit. Sharewood is the AirBnB of Outdoor Sports Enthusiasts. The social network of sports equipment. And it is one of the four startups that are the winners of the ConsumerTech Awards at the…

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Sharewood published by financial newspaper “Il Sole 24 Ore”

The startup Sharewood has won the newspaper headlines in today’s edition of the leading Italian financial newspaper. And for good reason: it has reached another significant milestone. For the first time in Italy, a startup has been able to convince more than 100 investors simultaneously, to invest their money in a single equity crowdfunding campaign.…

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Sharewood published by StartupMania

An interesting article published on December 8, 2016, by online specialist & publisher, StartupMania. The article, in Italian, describes the business of the startup Sharewood, how it works and why it is interesting to the sports community, here: Sharewood, la startup che rivoluziona l’outdoor Sharewood is the leading European peer-to-peer social marketplace and network that…

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Sharewood wins at Startup Italian Open

Sharewood wins 1st prize at the Startup Italian Open #BTO2016. The ninth consecutive edition of BTO – Buy Tourism Online, the benchmark event on the Travel & Innovation: Wednesday, November 30 and Thursday, December 1, in Florence, still at the Fortezza da Basso. The award is indeed prestigious: the winner of Startup Italian Open has…

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Sharewood at Slush! in Helsinki

Sharewood at Slush! The startup has stand D5 at this important event in Helsinki, Finland. Slush is a matching event between founders and investors. It has grown from a 300 person assembly to a world-renowned event of 15000, with 1700 startups and 800 investors. The philosophy behind Slush remains the same: to help the next…

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Sharewood reaches finals sharingeconomy @Wolves Summit

12 April Warsaw, Poland Wolves Summit is a Polish conference for startups, investors, corporations and entrepreneurs from all around the world. SHAREWOOD with CEO Piercarlo Mansueto reached the finals, for startups in the sharingeconomy category, at the 3rd edition. Wolves Summit is focusing on networking among C-level corporate executives, tech companies, investors and startups. It…

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