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StartupItalia! publishes an article about Sharewood winning the Travelling & Hospitality Award at the Accenture ConsumerTech Awards at #M2020, the Millennial 20/20 Summit.

Sharewood is the AirBnB of Outdoor Sports Enthusiasts. The social network of sports equipment. And it is one of the four startups that are the winners of the ConsumerTech Awards at the Millennial 20/20 Summit in London. The competition organized by Accenture, which has awarded the early stage startups, who through their innovative solutions have been able to engage the Millennials and increase their reference market.

In the picture, Piercarlo Mansueto on the left is holding the prize for Millennial Traveller, on the right is Danilo Mazzara of Accenture.

In the article in StartupItalia!, Alessio Nisi describes the sharing economy business model of Sharewood.

Sharewood is the startup based in Milan that has led the sharing economy into the world of sports.
The platform for offering and renting equipment such as skis, surfboards and bicycles was launched in January 2016 and grew fast.
Piercarlo Mansueto and Giulia Trombin (both founders) have a long list of gains they have earned.
Sharewood won the first edition of Startup Italian Open, the contest on Buy Tourism On Line in Florence.
It was one of the three projects awarded in Edison Pulse’s 2016 Edition during Edison Innovation Week.

In the picture Piercarlo Mansueto with the prize “Millennial Traveler 2017”, second from the left.

Creative Thinking Ventures is founding investor in Sharewood.


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