LAB Creative Thinking at ItaliaRestartsUP

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ItaliaRestartsUP meet the Italian innovative ecosystem

by ITA-ICE during SMAU

24/25 October 2017 – Organised by ICE-ITA – the Italian Trade Promotion Agency, the government organisation which promotes the internationalisation of the Italian companies, in line with the strategies of the Ministry for Economic Development, and SMAU. LAB Creative Thinking has been invited to this matching event for the second year.

ItaliaRestartsUp, picture taken at the area dedicated to the meetings.

The alternative business accelerator LAB Creative Thinking based in Milan, Italy, was at the event this week. With the objective to meet with investors and funds to support the startups we are accelerating and to evaluate promising startup proposals.

We came with a testimonial, Francesco Tirinnanzi the founder of Gardenstuff. Who has explained the unique approach of the LAB and the benefits it brings to achieve growth.

Our methodology is based on bespoke and tailor made solutions for selected high potential startups. Our LAB offers mentorship specific to each team, with high value, heavily customized services. Working closely together with entrepreneurs and founding teams.

In the picture our mentors Claudia Perin (center) and Marnix Groet (left) are meeting with startup Neuroset in the area dedicated to ItaliaRestartsUP.

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LAB Creative Thinking

WHO WE ARE LAB Creative Thinking is a specialist accelerator for startups; we operate in the specific areas of sharing economy, retail online and offline and services / tools for e-commerce. We offer high value, heavily customized services, working closely with teams of entrepreneurs for accelerated growth. We do follow a select number of startups, in order to personalize the services to the maximum. Lab Creative Thinking is the operational arm of Creative Thinking Ventures, to whom we offer a quality mentorship program and acceleration of pre-seed startups to investment grade, with viable metrics. The LAB is open to other investors, wishing to invest in pre-selected and carefully mentored startups, and, we encourage co-investments with other funds. Mission - We assist teams of startuppers in the very early stages, when most help is needed; we specialize in a bespoke service of mentoring of startups in the pre-seed stage, and advisory for growth, from the pre-seed to the seed stage. LAB Creative Thinking was co-founded by Marnix Groet and a team of managers.

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